Is there a buyer commission?

There is no service fee

Does the price on AK Soon Car’s website include additional costs like freight charge fees, tax and duties, etc?

No, these fees are not included in our price. The price on the website refers to the vehicle’s price only. Freight charge should be added to the price when you purchase the vehicle from us. After receiving the vehicle, you will be responsible for paying port clearing costs, import duties, taxes and any additional fees required by your country or the port of discharge.

What are the payment options?

Payment is made through a bank transfer or Paypal to the Used Car Korea Network account. We do not accept partial payment, credit card at this moment.

Who is responsible for paying the bank transfer fee?

The buyer is responsible for all bank fees. Please confirm the cost of this fee with your bank before closing the purchase agreement with our staff.

How long does it take for the bank transfer to be transferred into our account?

A minimum of three working days for reflected in our bank account. Please refer to below our bank information:

  • Name of Bank: ?
  • Depositor: ?
  • Business Registration #: ?
  • Account #: ?
  • SWIFT Code: ?
  • Bank Address: ?
Can you provide me with a receipt for my payment?

No, we do not provide receipts. The bank remittance provides an official written record of the payment transaction for both the buyer and seller.